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While all of Rainbow Dance Theatre’s (RDT’s) shows appeal to audiences of all ages, The Roots of Hip Hop is especially designed to engage younger audiences. Incorporating performances of Hip Hop and traditional West African dance and drumming, short information bytes, vignettes, and audience participation, The Roots of Hip Hop is a fast-paced performance that celebrates the artistic wealth of the African and African-American cultures. The Roots of Hip Hop is designed to be performed in a wide variety of locations, including theaters, auditoriums, community centers, gymnasiums, and outdoor venues.

iLumiDance continues to light up stages for young and old alike throughout Canada with its mystery and magic. The dance emerges on a darkened stage, with set, costumes and props designed from electro-luminescent light (EL) wire, allowing dancers to morph, disappear and reappear in the blink of an eye. iLumiDance Revealed takes school-age students behind the scenes for a glimpse at the technology behind the show before viewing an extended excerpt of the full show.

While a sophisticated artistic performance, SELFIE engages young audiences through its incorporation of social media (via selfies sent from the audience members to the stage) and the use of cutting-edge technology and myriad special effects.

The variety of themes, music, visual effects and illusion combined with high-powered dancing keeps young audiences on the edge of their seats throughout Mixed Bag.

“Even my usually kinetic 2-year-old son sat still in my lap…watching with wonder and nodding his head to the music.” Isamu Jordan, Spokane Spokesman-Review

RDT tours with lights, sets, dance floor and rigging in order to deliver high-impact, artistic entertainment within the technical capacity of the individual venue.

Youth and community outreach activities available with all shows.
Select video link under RDT’s General Audiences listing to view SELFIE and iLumiDance clips.

Live Performance Link: Click Here

Showcase Artist: Pacific Contact 2014

Home Base: United States

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Rainbow Dance Theatre
Valerie Bergman
15880 Airlie Rd
Monmouth, OR

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