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It is strange to think how an American gymnast, an Australian sheep shearer and a Canadian figure skater could have their paths meet and eventually become Co-Artistic Directors of a dance theatre company in Canada. Yet, as it turns out, that diversity has become the essence of MOTUS O. Where cultures and talents collide and then reform, creating a dynamic team that explores the dramatic and relishes the physical - and all with a touch of humour.

The Artistic Directors of MOTUS O, James Croker, Cynthia Croker and Jack Langenhuizen began the company in 1990 and have since created twenty one full-length productions for both family and adult audiences. The company's highly visual and aesthetic works have entertained both small and large communities throughout Canada (British Columbia to Newfoundland), England as well as through parts of the USA and the South Seas.

In this magical world there lives the Wizard and his three marionettes – the handsome but cruel Strongman, the beautiful Ballerina and the unlikely hero Petrouchka.  Petrouchka is in love with the Ballerina but his clumsy attempts to impress her takes him on an outrageous adventure that unfolds with no end of calamity.  Join Petrouchka as he outwits the Strongman, tames a bear, dances with a feather, juggles bowling balls, goes fishing and avoids the anger of the Wizard and then in a spectacular finale saves the Ballerina’s life.  Petrouchka may be small and awkward but his enthusiasm for life enchants us all. Performed to the original score by Igor Stravinsky, Petrouchka is the story of a little clown with a big heart. 

For video excerpt, photos or more information on MOTUS O and our show please visit our web site at:

Award winners of the “Atlantic Canada Touring Artist of the Year”, “Ontario Touring Artist of the Year” and “BC Touring Company of the Year 2016”!

MOTUS O also offers movement and physical theatre workshops and residencies to both trained and non-trained dancers.

Home Base: Ontario

Touring Schedule: Click here


MOTUS O Dance Theatre
Jack Langenhuizen
251 Second Street
Stouffville, ON
L4A 1B9

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