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Sursaut Dance Company - Me Squared
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Me squared. It’s me before knowing or accepting who I am. It’s me disguised, hidden, concealed beneath appearances. They’re all wrong of course, and yet I believe them to be true. I lie. I lie to myself, to become what I consider to be ideal at all costs. Me squared. It’s me before I understood that being me, the one and only, is the ideal that is priceless.

Three protagonists are in search of affirmation, of identity. A neutral space, silent witness of pacts, conflicts and encounters, evolves in function of unions, separations, belonging and rejection. Personalities change, personalities split. Lost in the multiple “me’s” that each one creates, the three friends dance from one “me” to another, hoping to finally be someone in the midst of others.

The Sursaut Dance Company
is dedicated to the creation, production, and dissemination of dance works for young and family audiences. Joyful, poetic and touching, the company’s productions witness to the maturity of a progressive and evolutionary artistic vision, aimed at young audiences since 30 years. Presented from coast to coast in Canada as well as internationally, Sursaut’s productions inspire and charm young and old alike, everywhere they are presented.

Home Base: Quebec


Sursaut Dance Company
Adam Dymburt
250, Depot Street, #322
Sherbrooke, QB
J1H 5G1

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