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The Music of Junk
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The Music of Junk! is a light-hearted, feel-good theatre concert experience inspired by the belief that “one man’s garbage is another man’s gold”, which features a band of multi-talented musicians and singers performing on instruments crafted from junk and recycled materials creating toe-tapping tunes that has audiences grooving in their seats! More than 20 rare and unusual instruments fill the enormous stage as the performance’s gifted cast masterfully drums, strums, and sounds their junkyard contraptions to create heartfelt ballads and spirited beats. A few of the most striking devices include the ‘Recycolin’, a violin-type instrument built from paper maché and an old baseball bat, a harp built from a bed frame, a Tube Tower made from drainage tubing, a Saxycle made from the front end of a bicycle, a Cookesizer which is a synthesizer-type instrument made from cooking utensils, and a drum set made from pails, golf clubs, a bicycle, pots and various metallic junk.
The inspiring 110-minute program’s immensely catchy, original works are written and scored by Canadian composer Paul Snider. Mixing pop-rock with folk, blues, orchestral and Scottish music, the songs unveil the cleverly imagined history of the junk-turned-musical-treasures, while demonstrating the unique sounds each instrument emits. The audience leaves the show humming tunes and at the same time looking at recycling in a different way. The Music of Junk! is a visual experience as much as it is musical that the whole family can enjoy.

“Junk! is littered with catchy ballads, toe-tapping tunes and stirring melodies, delivered flawlessly by its sonorous cast…There’s lots happening onstage, as each artist expertly wields their meticulously crafted instrument while belting out pleasing tunes ” VANCOUVERSCAPE

“Want to be amazed? See Junk, a musical with instruments made from junk” THE PEAK

Home Base: British Columbia


The Music of Junk
Paul Snider
3789 W. 50th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V6N 3V4

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