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Rup Sidhu aka RupLoops (roop-loops) is a performer, producer and composer of many genres, drawing from folk and classical forms from India, hip-hop, reggae, Tuvin throat singing, to West African percussion. Rup is also a community arts facilitator, teaching percussion and hip-hop at the Sarah McLachlan School of Music (a free music school for inner city youth) and has founded his own hip hop group, Metaphor, which brings hip-hop performances and empowerment workshops into youth detention centers, schools and rural communities across Canada.

RupLoops is an interactive, live looping show, using vocal percussion, rhythmic rhymes and an arsenal of eclectic instruments. Rup utilizes his diverse skills as a musician to create a pulsating, entertaining and engaging musical experience. He is a gifted educator and performer and has a deep passion for intercultural work and intercultural sounds. Through this show he hopes students will gain an understanding and appreciation of our universal language: music.

For almost a century we have been tuning into radios to be informed and entertained. RupLoops’ new show, The Human Radio, will take you on a journey of sound exploring anatomy, geography and culture. Let’s investigate the brilliant design of our auditory and aural systems that allow us to create and listen to music. Through body percussion and beatboxing, Rup demonstrates and teaches how the human form is indeed a musical instrument. With a mix of hip-hop, blues and bhangra, The Human Radio tunes into themes of home, identity, culture, justice, dignity and celebration. For more info, visit

Home Base: British Columbia

Touring Schedule: Click here


Pebble Star Productions
Kim Thé
3212 West 14th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V6K 2Y3

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