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Andy the Musical Scientist
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Today’s children are growing up in an ever changing environment. As landfills expand, future scientists will face challenges of recycling and waste management. Witnessing African children creating instruments from discarded items, Andy the Musical Scientist, (formerly of the band Delhi 2 Dublin), was inspired by their ingenuity and wisdom in not allowing things to go to waste.

His own musical inventions: the African skateboard, Persian paddle, Moroccan hockeystick, Lego Theremin, Singing spoon, and Musical meter stick, are constructed from recycled household items. Based on traditional instruments from other cultures, they also raise curiosity for these musical traditions.

Music can be used to generate interest in science, just as science can inspire new approaches to music. Using humor, he demonstrates technology in music, scientific principles through which sound is shaped, and even shows the audience how to turn a spoon in to a guitar! Volunteers experience building and playing instruments, digital looping/beatboxing, rhythmically chanted Persian rhythms, and the Lego theremin.

It is his sincere hope that some will follow in his footsteps, thinking outside the box, and forging their own unique approaches to music. Through critical and creative thinking, breakthroughs are made in music, science, environmental stewardship, and all aspects of life.

Live Performance Link: Click Here

Home Base: British Columbia


Andy the Musical Scientist
Andrew Kim
306 - 6659 Southoaks Cres.
Burnaby, BC
V5E 4M9

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