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Straight out of -40 degrees in Canada's Yukon, Graeme Peters, brother Jody Peters, and Ian March formed the power trio Speed Control. The three members all come from a jazz and classical background but have turned to their true passion - rock n' roll. They are multi-instrumentalists, touring musicians and educators who love nothing more than to share their passion and knowledge of music in concerts, workshops, and rock camps.

Youth engagement specialists, Speed Control has the following community and school shows on offer:

Rock and Roll: Canada versus the World
Some of the most innovative music in the world has come from Cana dian musicians. Follow Speed Control through the last 50 years of famous Canadian artists and how their music affected others of both their own generation and those to come. From Paul Anka in the 1950s, through the ‘60s and ‘70s with The Band and Guess Who, through Rush and Bryan Adams of the ‘80s, to the Barenaked Ladies and Avril Lavigne, audiences will learn how Canada has become a major force in popular music in this smart, humorous, and exciting show!

New Show for 2018/2019 school year: Rockology
What makes music rock? Speed Control’s Rockology lifts the curtain to reveal the mechanics of rock music so even grade threes can listen like budding musicians. Along with original music by Speed Control, students will rock out to Canadian and other classics. They’ll learn to recognize chords in the standard blues progression, how fuzz pedals make everything sound good, what parts make up most rock songs, and what makes a power chord so irresistible. Students will be having too much fun to notice they’re effortlessly absorbing the fundamentals of popular music.

Speed Control's RAWK Camp
Speed Control offers 3-5 day rock camps that include public performance opportunities for all participants. The focus is skill building, on stage and in rehearsal.

Live Performance Link: Click Here

Showcase Artist: Pacific Contact 2015

Home Base: Yukon

Touring Schedule: Click here


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