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Terra Lightfoot
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Terra Lightfoot plays a dreamy, yet gritty interpretation of roots rock. With a voice clearly influenced by blues pioneers like Leadbelly and Robert Johnson as well as more modern vocalists, Lightfoot switches with ease between heartbreaking ballads, energetic rock songs about new love, and country tunes fit for The Carter Family. Her prowess on the guitar takes influence from both glam rock legend Marc Bolan as well as Nick Drake's expert acoustic finger-picking. In 2013, Lightfoot re-forged her live setup into a good, old fashioned rock trio. The songs are as energetic as ever, allowing Lightfoot's voice and guitar to take center stage.

Home Base: Ontario

Touring Schedule: Click here


Paquin Artists Agency
Jeremy Giacomin
468 Stradbrook Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
R3L 0J9

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