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The Sophistocrats
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Old souls with fresh ideas; The Sophistocrats play upbeat, melodic and danceable music that will leave the audience feeling energized and empowered. They have an eclectic style influenced by Indie Pop and R&B. The lead singer’s vocals are warm and her performance is spontaneous, while the fusion funk rhythm section demonstrates impressive musicianship. Their original songs talk about contemporary subject matter like narcissism, expectations and modern day romance.

The band met while attending Selkirk College's Contemporary Music and Technology program. They have spent three years developing their songwritting and production knowledge while performing in the Nelson area. The lead singer and main songwriter is a graduated Anthropologist. She is also trilingual - French, Spanish and English. Her interest in cultural studies and traveling has greatly influenced her songwriting and storytelling.

They have opened for Charlie Jacobson, Steph MacPherson, Dirty Mountain and will soon share the stage with Friends Of Foes. They are currently planning a tour with The Racket in May 2017 and are looking to perform as much as possible during Summer 2017.

Home Base: British Columbia

Touring Schedule: Click here


The Sophistocrats
Sophie Moreau Parent
C310 - 1102 Gordon Road
Nelson, BC

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