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The Wardens
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Cowboy, mountain climber and wildlife wrangler; the Canadian national park warden is a masterful Jack-of-all trades.

With performances equal to the mastery of the ranger trade, The Wardens - Scott Ward, Bradley Bischoff and Ray Schmidt – are a Banff National Park-based trio whose stories rise from the very land they’ve protected for the past 30 years. Born in the remote wilderness, their original music immediately connects with anyone who has a love of landscape.

Saddle up for horseback patrols in remote valleys, get dangerously close to grizzly bears and pay homage to those who gave their lives to wilderness conservation. Audiences laugh and cry as they become intertwined with the stories of the places that belong to them.

Through superb musicianship (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass), haunting three-part vocal harmonies, rich on-screen images and a chilling delivery, The Wardens bring the showcases of our nation to audiences from around the world.

Home Base: Alberta

Touring Schedule: Click here


The Wardens
Bradley Bischoff
136 Rundle Crescent
Canmore, AB
T1W 2L6

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