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The Chairs
In this choreographed tragicomedy, an elderly couple aged 94 and 95 years, seeking relief from their boredom, solitude and isolation, create a lineup of invisible guests jostling to enter the house. Among them we find a colonel, a Sleeping Beauty, a group of children, animal reporters, and even the King himself.

The absurd commotion that this creates is animated by an endless shifting of chairs to accommodate the ghostly guests. Then the person everyone has been waiting to hear – the orator – finally arrives. Against all expectations, he is a dancing, mute child. It is this child who, through the language of dance, shares with them a universal message that conveys what both the old man and children hope for the world. This original adaptation of Eugene Ionesco’s work harmoniously mixes various disciplines: dance, theatre music and literature.

The company
PPS Danse was founded in 1989 by the choreographer, dancer and director Pierre-Paul Savoie. Since then, it has presented over 650 performances of two dozen works, in a dozen countries in North America and Europe. Independent of the creative cycle that spawned them, these works have all been marked by a multidisciplinary form and the humanity that shines through their content.

Openness, creativity, humanism, sharing and commitment are the driving values behind PPS Danse. They can be seen not only in its production of original works of choreography, but also in PPS Danse’s involvement in efforts to democratize contemporary dance. Through dance creation and production as well as cultural action, PPS Danse has become a pillar of Quebec’s dance community.

This show is a mix of dance and theatre and can be presented for family or adult audience. Group of age (10 years and up)

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Home Base: Quebec


Communication-diffusion Ginette Ferland
Ginette Ferland
5333 Chambord
Montreal, QC
H2J 3N4
514 523-3994

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