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A family show that is endearing on many levels, "Stretchy" is performed by two whimsical characters who find themselves, against their will, linked by an elastic band, playing with a constraint that has suddenly turned their world upside down. Through this forced intimacy they experience something absurd, a surprising dependency. Captive, they have no choice but to cope with this disturbing element, one that creates situations that are amusing yet also touching. The blue-clad, ever mischievous duo invites children ages 5 and up to a delightful experience that combines dance, theatre and clowning. An artistic fantasy magnificently incarnated by the two performers, this original piece by Estelle Clareton is chock-full of all sorts of humour, and structured with great sensitivity. A show for the whole family, for after all, regardless of one’s age we are never far from childhood.

Founded in Montreal in 1999, Créations Estelle Clareton is a research and creation company, a place to experiment in total freedom. Common themes taken on by the choreographer comprise a realistic look on life, social relations and the hands-on experience of living and growing. Knowing that it all will end one day. With each piece she probes the human being, looking for passing truths.The quest for independence and lost identity occupy her pieces regularly. And humour and tragedy are in the mix.
If dance and the body are the preferred languages of the choreographer, theatre and - more rececently - creative circus, take a vital place in her approach of the dancing mouvement.

In the last 15 years, the Company has created 12 projects, produced and toured shows, participated in festivals and major artistic events in Quebec, Canada and abroad. The Company also organizes meetings and workshops relating to the shows it presents.

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Home Base: Quebec


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Ginette Ferland
5333 Chambord
Montreal, QC
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