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Stéphanie Morin-Robert
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Award-winning-eye-popping-comedy about a mischievous girl with a glass-eye.

★★★★★ “EXTRAORDINARY.” -Vue Weekly
★★★★★ ''PHENOMENAL AND NOT TO BE MISSED!'' -Inside Ottawa

Having lost her eye to retinoblastoma, Morin-Robert never plays the story for pity. She shares stories of horrific embarrassment, but plays them for laughs. She appreciates the humour in the absurdity and allows the audience to feel comfortable in sharing that experience. Nervous laughter dissolves quickly into genuine laughter, simply because Morin-Robert comes to embrace her glass eye as a superpower.
Morin-Robert’s greatest strength is that she makes you, the audience member, fall in love with her. She tells her story in an intoxicating way – bringing the audience to a crescendo of laughter, only to knock the wind out of your emotional sails and have you on the verge of tears.

Most of the production is simply Morin-Robert at a microphone, telling her story, peppering dramatic moments of empowerment with coy asides and humorous interludes.
Fair warning — cat lovers will need to bring extra tissues. And having a couple of Kleenexes tucked away is probably a good idea for everyone. BLINDSIDE will break your heart, but it will send you on your way buoyed with pride, laughter, and appreciation.

She transitions from story arc to story arc through the use of dance and a clever video camera projection of her face on a screen. But at its heart, BLINDSIDE is a woman, a story, and a compelling delivery. It’s one of the best performances of any kind to grace London’s stages in years – no qualifications necessary.
BLINDSIDE may be a story about living with one eye, but Morin-Robert’s clarity of vision into her emotions – and her ability to take us along with her journey – is without peer.

“★★★★★ If there was a sixth star, I’d give it to this show” -THEATRE IN LONDON

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Home Base: British Columbia

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Stephanie Morin-Robert
Stephanie Morin-Robert
204/1925 2nd West Ave
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1J2

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