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Not very long ago, in a galaxy not very far away,
(but far enough that you may have to pay a bit for travel.  Unless you do block booking as it can help defray the cost a bit.  We can talk.)
A young Jedi, Lucas Myers (NOT Luke Skywalker, serious copyright issues there, although that’s who he got to play when he played Star Wars as a kid)
used the Force
(AKA an over active imagination, a passion for theatre, skills learned in the trenches of independent companies and a modicum of free time)
to fight against the evil forces of Get a Real Job, Son.

And, with only the ongoing support of his infinitely patient wife
(see above modicum of free time)
And, despite the pressures of modern life
(two kids, mortgage, constant home renovations on “character” house in Nelson, BC)
he committed his life to creating theatrical performances.

He has multiple, inexplicably capitalized offerings (DECK, HELLO BABY, EAST, The Cromoli Brothers, a kid’s show- CAPTAIN FUTURE SAVES THE WORD and the upcoming CAMP) to keep The Force alive, offerings that are accessible, thought provoking and hilarious, to attract a new breed of Jedi audience that will recognize the value of seeing a living, breathing person on stage, and return to the theatre again and again. 
And again.

Now he needs the help of the regional theatre rebel forces that continue to believe in the power of theatre and live performance, as they battle against the nefarious challenges of Netflix, torrent downloads, and overpriced 3D blockbuster sequels (Theatre is the original 3D, yo).

Star Warz Eleventeen: Better then CATS.

Brought to you by Pilotcopilot Theatre

Though I did go to high school with Charles Ross and he’s a peach.)

Showcase Artist: Pacific Contact 2012

Home Base: British Columbia


Pilotcopilot Theatre
Lucas Myers
83 High St
Nelson, BC
V1L 3Z5

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