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Andrew Bailey
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“This one man show by Andrew Bailey was fantastic… He shares stories about his time working with royalty and he had the audience bursting in laughter.” –The Edmonton Sun

“Smart and forcefully honest… it’s an hour well spent.” –The Winnipeg Free Press

“Bailey really is a master of the monologue.” –Culture Vulture

When Andrew gets the job at St. George’s – the Queen’s private chapel – no one is more excited than his granddad, an Anglican priest. But before Andrew’s first day of work, his granddad dies. Andrew desperately wants to become a priest like Granddad but feels a fraud: Andrew’s lost his faith and can’t find it again. Plus, castle life is ridiculous. He learns that the highest order of chivalry in England is named after women’s underclothes (true fact). He bursts out laughing during a state ceremony, making Margaret Thatcher glare. He awkwardly holds a coconut when the Queen shows up beside him. (“Awkwardly” is the only way to hold a coconut.) Andrew must either keep living a royal lie, or give up on a vocation to which he’s devoted half his life. Popular with teens, seniors, and everyone in between, Me, the Queen, and a Coconut has sold out nearly every performance its ever had, including those at the Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Victoria Fringe Festivals.

Bailey’s solo shows have won awards across the country. His comedic work with the Atomic Vaudeville Cabaret has been acclaimed for over a decade and yielded a YouTube video with 2.2 million views, featured on websites including Upworthy, Jezebel, and Vice. Bailey’s novel, The Rite of James Biddle, is published by Bayeux Arts.

Home Base: British Columbia


Andrew Bailey
Andrew Bailey
Apt. 101 - 330 East 7th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V5T 4K5

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